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                                   Effective Weight Lifting Exercises
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                                "Weight Training Exercise  Illustrations And Descriptions"
     Weight lifting exercise for the beginner to  advanced. If you want to build muscle, your going to have to lift heavy weight  using 
effective weight lifting exercise.There’s no getting around this.

     If you want to build muscle, you  will need to apply the appropriate amount of resistance to your muscle.You  will need to use 
simple compound movements. Compound movements are weight  training exercises that use more than one muscle group to complete a 
lift. Free weights are dumbbells and barbells.

     By  using effective weight training exercise, free weights and compound movements,  you force your body to work harder. 
By  forcing your body to work harder, you add more stress to the targeted and  supporting muscles.Remember  to use proper form when 
lifting weight, especially heavy weight.Lifting heavy weight for the sake of lifting heavy will result in poor form which will lead to injuries.
You don’t want injuries. 

     If you  are a beginner, I suggest you use a combination of free weights, machines and  body weight exercises. In order to lift heavy, 
you need to establish the  correct form and balance. This takes time, practise and patience. 

     Once  you have established the correct form and balance, try adding more weight  lifting exercises, especially free weight exercises. 
If you  are having trouble or not sure about certain weight lifting exercises, always  ask for advice.Never attempt an exercise you are not 
sure about. Ask a gym  employee for advice. 

     If you  can’t find a gym employee, ask one of the regulars. The regulars are usually  more than happy to provide some guidance and 
help when it comes to weight  lifting exercise.Before going into a heavy weight lifting  workout, make sure you are properly warmed up. 
Never attempt to lift heavy  weights when you are cold. Lifting heavy weight when you are cold will result  in injuries. 

     Weight Training  Exercises With Full Descriptions And Illustrations.Always  remember to include a warm up (5 to 10 minutes) using 
an aerobic activity,  followed by 5 to 10 minutes of stretching in your weight lifting exercise  routine.Remember,  it's not how much 
weight you use that's important, it is proper technique and  form.Simply  follow the descriptions and illustrations below for accurate 
guidance. Also  feel free to print off whatever exercises you may need. 



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