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         What's the best muscle building supplement  available today? You might not like the answer.
    And if you don't, you might want to consider  getting away from all those "steroid-like" results ads you are  bombarded with in all 
    the magazines.If you get a chance, take a look back at all the  muscle magazines from eight to ten years ago. What do you see?
         I'll tell you. You see a lot of ads for  "wonder" supplements, many of which were called the best muscle  building supplement 
    available at the time. Only problem is, you don't see any  ads for those muscle building supplements today. Why is that?
    Because they just don't work! Eventuall,  consumers figure that out and the supplements stop selling. So the supplement  
    companies come out with the latest, greatest, cutting-edge, best muscle  building supplement for you to spend your hard earned 
    money on.

         There are a couple of supplements that you still  see ads for today. But they aren't sexy, they aren't new, they aren't cutting  
    edge, and they aren't "drug-like" grey area supplements. So I give  two answers to the best muscle building supplement question - 
    protein and  creatine.

         If you want to make outstanding muscle building  progress, put together a solid weight training program, train with a high level
    of intensity, add poundage to your exercises as often as possible, eat six high  protein meals every day, and make sure you are out 
    of the gym often enough to  recover from your workouts so that you can build the muscle you are triggering  into growing.

         Oh, and add the dual "best muscle building  supplement" to your program - protein and creatine. Protein powders make  it 
    extremely easy and convenient to eat six meals a day and to get enough  quality protein into your body.

         Use Protein Shakes - This will make it easier  for you to consume enough calories and protein each day, as well as making it  
    much more convenient to have 6 meals a day.

         Here's a sample weight gain drink you can make  up with the best muscle building supplement and use in your muscle building  diets.

         100 grams of protein powder
         2 quarts of whole or 2% Milk
         2 cups of skim milk powder
         2 cups of chocolate ice cream
         4 tablespoons of peanut butter
         1 banana

         Mix in a blender and drink throughout the day,  in addition to your regular food meals. Add or subtract ingredients based on 
    individual  taste preferences and number of calories needed.

         High quality protein, aka, 'the real best muscle  building supplement' should be the center point of all your meals. Intense  exercise
    increases demand for protein, which support muscle repair and growth.

         When you train with weights, you should eat a  minimum of 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you weight 150 
    pounds, try and take in at least 225 grams of protein each and every day.
         I know this sounds like a lot and you could  probably do okay with 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. But if you  find
    it really difficult to gain muscle, this extra protein can help. You don't  have to have carbs or fat at every meal, but you must have 
    protein. When I say  protein, I am referring to high quality protein derived from animal sources.

         For getting bigger and stronger, the only  protein you need to be concerned with are those found in whey, casein (cottage  
    cheese), eggs, beef, poultry, and fish. This is the best muscle building  supplement and the cornerstone of your muscle building 
    nutrition plan.
         Through in a high quality creatine product and  you are good to go. As for the rest, save your money and stick with the dual  
    stack 'best muscle building supplement' for massive muscle mass gains.

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