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                                              How To Gain Weight Fast!

    Learn How To Gain Weight Fast Using These Simple Yet Effective Plans And Strategies 

    Are you sick and tired of training day in and day out with little or no results to show for it?
     Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing that same skinny person staring back at you day after day? Are you simply 
fed up with being skinny? How to gain  weight fast?
     You may be  asking yourself, why your past efforts seemed to have failed.You may be  even asking yourself if all of your hard work 
was even worth it and if it’s  even possible to gain weight.
     Well, don’t  beat yourself up with these questions because believe it or not, you’re not  alone. 

     I’d like to  let you in on a little piece of information... 

    Anyone Can Gain Weight Fast - Even You  - The Hard Gainer!

     Probably  frustrated to the point of calling it quits and/or confused beyond the point of  knowing where to start. Not to fret because 
I can tell you right now, that  anyone can gain 10, 20, or even 30 quality “muscular” pounds in a relatively  short period of time. 

     It’s not that  you lack the motivation to gain weight but rather, it’s the lack of correct  information on how to gain weight fast. This is 
the number one problem that  keeps hard gainers from gaining weight and it’s the secret on how to gain  weight fast. It’s using incorrect, 
misleading information and the wrong methods  to gain weight that will always hinder your progress.
     You see,  there are a lot of hard gainers out there who don’t yet know it, but they have all the potential in the world to gain weight fast 
and to grow as large as they  want, any time they want. Yes, it may seem hard to imagine but you read right,  as large as they want, 
anytime they want. I’m not kidding you because when it  comes to gaining weight and building muscle, there are no hidden “secrets”, 
 magic pills or formulas. 

     When you get  right down to it, it comes down to the information and methods that you choose  to follow that will determine your 
success.Follow the right methods and  information on how to gain weight fast and you’ll get huge, quick!Choose the  wrong method and 
you could be in a downward spiral for a long time. 

     For all the  training that you do, you may not be the problem. The problem lies with the  methods you have chosen to work with. 
Products promising to add 15 pounds of  muscle in 15 days or programs promising to get rid of 30 pounds of fat in 15 days are gimmicks.
Gimmicks don’t work - This is the truth. 

     You see, as  active weight trainers, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements,  secrets and other “miraculous” potions and 
methods that will magically add  slabs of beef to our bodies overnight.There is so  much misinformation floating around on how to gain 
weight fast that it simply  boggles the mind and causes mass confusion. How are you supposed to gain  quality weight when everywhere 
you look there’s simply too much conflicting  information about how to gain weight fast?
     It’s this  kind of information that really confuses people and the reason why I’m going to  give you a crash course on how to gain 
weight fast. 

     Let’s Get You On The Right Track On  How To Gain Weight Fast
     I know what  it’s like to go to the gym for 3 hours a day, 6 or even 7 days a week and  hoping to add one more pound of body weight. 
I know what  it’s like to be skinny and weak. I’ve always been a skinny kid and believe me,  I’ve trained like a madman trying to gain 
those valuable extra pounds.
     However,  those extra pounds were simply impossible for me the reach. At one point, I was  almost ready to give it all up until one 
day, out of desperation, I joined the  local gym.It was here  that I got my first “real” lesson on how to gain weight fast and build muscle  
and strength.Those lessons went against everything that I thought were the  only ways to gain weight and build muscle. 

     However, once  I changed my attitude and my training program, I gained like crazy.So, I’d like  to share with you some of those 
proven strategies on how to gain weight fast.  Here, you’ll find an easy to follow diet along with solid weight training  routines and tips on 
how to gain weight fast. 
     Alright,  let’s get at it. The first thing that you must do is... 

    Understand The Fundamentals On How To  Gain Weight Fast

     If you want  to gain weight fast and build large muscles, than you’re going to have to  understand the process of building muscle. 
There’s no getting around this fact.  This process will be the cornerstone of your success and once you understand  how these elements 
fit together, you’ll be well on your way to building a large  muscular body. 

     Here’s the  process:
   1) Train  hard and heavy; 
       You need to  condition your body to higher and higher levels of training intensity with  increasing workloads. Once the body adapts 
to a certain training intensity, you  must add more intensity to stimulate more growth. 

   2) Get the  correct amount of nutrients into your body; 
       Eat plenty of  nutrients in order to build the body it takes from hard and heavy training.  Hard and heavy training tears the body 
down so you need to re-fuel and rebuild  the body and the only way to do this is with plenty of quality nutrients; 

   3) Get  plenty of rest; 
       You need to  get plenty of rest in order to facilitate the relationship between training and  nutrition. That is, after you’ve trained your 
body, it is in a state of chaos  and it is basically broken down.You need to  feed it with a lot of fuel and building material - Food - and not 
stress the  body anymore than it needs to be - Rest. This relationship only works when it  is resting and is a must if you want to grow.

     In order to  build muscle and how to gain weight fast, you will need to (Follow these in  order): 

     1)  Organize a training plan that is conducive to building muscle.
     You will need  to organize a training program that builds strength and muscle. The program  needs to be structured in a way that 
optimizes your bodies natural strength.You will need  to use certain equipment that uses variable resistance that’s needed to stress  or 
stimulate the muscle into growth.
     You can use  free weights like barbells and dumbbells, machines that incorporate pulley’s  and cables such as the universal or home 
gym, or body weight exercises like  chin ups or push ups.However, I  suggest you use free weights for this particular program because 
through the  use of free weights, you will continuously add more and more weight to  stimulate more muscle growth.
     That is, free weights forces your body to use other surrounding muscles as well as the targeted muscle.Through the use of compound 
movements such as the bench press, shoulder press, barbell bent over rows, squats, and dead lifts, you incorporate supporting muscles as 
well  as the targeted muscle which equals more strength. All things being equal, this  will mean more muscle growth. 

     Once you start using compound movements in your weight training program on how to gain weight fast, you’ll start to use something 
called progressive resistance.When you  increase the amount of weight you lift on a continuing basis, your muscle  fibres adapt to these 
greater demands by gaining strength and size. 

     Progressive  resistance is a proven to be one of the number one ways to gain muscular  strength and size and will be the key to 
maximum growth. Simply put, in order  to get stronger, you must keep pushing the body with higher and higher  intensity ranges and this 
means adding more and more weight. 

     I have  created a routine for you to follow that will allow you to optimize your  training time and will certainly help you on your quest 
on how to gain weight  fast.The program  is based on the progressive resistance principle using a push/pull system that  incorporates 
plenty of compounds movements.
     I strongly  suggest you go to the training portion of the “how to gain weight fast” program  to take a look at the methods and routine. 

     2)  Organize a consistent meal schedule that will coincide with your current  lifestyle.
     The meal schedule must contain the necessary calories, protein,carbohydrates, and fat to sustain a healthy increase in lean body weight. 
If you’re  wondering how to gain weight fast, this is the solution. To gain weight, you  need to eat - On a consistent basis - more calories 
on a daily basis than your  body burns. 

     Consistency  is the key. If you can get this down, I can almost guarantee your success. I  would venture to guess this is one of the 
most misunderstood topics of gaining  weight and probably the number one reason why hard gainers don’t add lean body  mass.
     Do not let  anyone tell you different - You need a consistent diet that is conducive to  building muscle -. 

     Let’s look at  it this way, let’s say you have a person who weights 150 pounds and he wants to  know how to gain weight fast. 
Let’s assume that this person eats 2,000 calories  per day and trains like a madman for1 ½ hour each day. However, for  some reason this 
person just cannot gain weight. He goes to the gym day in and  day out, trains an hour and a half and he still finds he cannot grow. 
This person actually finds out their losing weight. What to do? 

     What’s the  problem? Well, I’ll tell you right now that is person is actually losing weight  and more than likely overtraining simply 
because he is not putting enough  nutrients into his body to sustain growth. This person is dieting to actually  lose weight - Not gain it.
     In order to  gain quality weight this person should be eating above his maintenance level.  This person should be eating at least 2,500 
to 3,000 calories per day, if not  more, to gain quality weight. It’s as simple as that.
     If you simply  change your eating habits around a little, I’ll bet you that you’ll start to  grow and that you’ll start to see the results 
immediately.Nutrition  doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you remember a few key points,  you’ll do fine. To find out what to eat
 to gain weight click here. 

     I strongly urge you to visit this page and follow the information given there because if you don’t your going to be cutting yourself short. 
This page  will contain a menu along with information about dieting and how to gain weight  fast. You’ll also find optimal supplements to 
use with your weight gaining  program. 

     The thinking is quite simple about how to gain weight fast: hard and heavy training followed by rest and consuming quality calories in 
the form of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Protein,  carbohydrates, and fat need to be structured in a balanced combination to support 
optimal muscle growth while maintaining overall good health. Once you have your  diet down to a science, I can guarantee you’ll gain 
weight fast. 

     3) Rest 

     Rest is one  of the main factors on how to gain weight fast. Simply put, you have to rest in  order to allow your body the time it needs
to grow.You need to  give your body the time it needs to recuperate from the physical demands of  your workouts. By putting constant 
stress on your body with no rest, you will  stop your growth cold. 

     I can’t  overstate the importance of getting quality rest between workouts. It is very  important that you get the proper amount of rest 
in order to allow your body to  grow. 

     The amount of  rest necessary will depend on your age, genetics, age, and current state of  health.If you are a beginner, you generally 
need anywhere from two to three  days rest.Depending on  your intensity levels, you may need more.If you are training at high  intensity, 
you may need three to four days rest. If you feel any soreness in  your body on your training day, your body is telling you to take another 
day  off. You shouldn’t feel any soreness whatsoever on your training days. 

     You should  feel strong, rested and energized each and every workout. If you feel tired,  sore and drained of energy, you are either 
overtraining, under nourished, or under rested.Take the necessary time off, to fully recuperate from your  workouts and come back ready 
to attack the weight. 
     Alright,  there you have it - A program on how to gain weight fast.I strongly suggest that  you go to each section, read it over and print 
it off. Put them together in a  binder and you can refer to the sections as you go along.
     I'm not going  to lie to you, gaining quality weight and building muscle is going to take a  lot of hard work and consistency but rest 
assured, if you follow the  information closely, you will gain the weight.
     If you don't  see a pound after the first week, don't give up because this process doesn't  happen overnight. If you keep consistent at 
your diet, training, and rest, your  body will have no choice but to grow - Simple as that.  

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